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Christy Anna Gerber, KIC Executive Director

Emmi was instrumental in creating a public relations campaign for communicating the value of the Ketchum Innovation Center. Not only did she improve PR, but she created standards for communications and marketing that were on brand and easy to understand. The improvement over just one year was beyond measurable and made a significant improvement when submitting grants and funding requests. Emmi is a true professional who easily led in her role and became a trusted advisor and expert for the company and within the community.  

Kirk Anderson, Artist Client

I would like to extend my profound thanks and admiration... I have attended the Social Media Marketing Classes as part of the Wood River Valley Artists Group. The one on one tutorials from Emmi Buck have been “extremely” helpful in my Fine Art Marketing Campaign! This resource of KIC is priceless -  and the future dividends will be positive and profound in ways we can only imagine. 

Tom Carhart, Palio Coffee

"Thank you so much for your work, you've been an immense help in launching our social media campaigns and have excellent ideas for future marketing opportunities and programs." 


How Wearable Tech's SCOTTEVEST Is Setting The Bar For PR

The company’s 18 employees include a strong internal PR lead, Emileigh Buck (go, Emmi!) who supported me in the development of this article. Jordan has even authored the first chapter of a yet-to-be-published book on public relations for early-stage companies. He’s shared a copy of the chapter with me, and I look forward to covering his full thoughts on the role of media in an early stage company in a future column. For anyone interested in further detail on the company's CES news, the announcement is available here. But regardless of SCOTTEVEST's success as a company, when an entrepreneurial founder understands the power of public relations as well as Scott Jordan, he is my kind of guy. 



‘Things don’t go viral by themselves’: Inside the social media manager cabal

The thinking is that a rising Twitter tide raises all boats. And that applies to Facebook, as well. Emmi Buck, director of communications at oral health brand Essential Oxygen, works closely with the social media manager for Good Earth, a chain that has a few brick-and-mortar stores carrying Essential Oxygen products.

“We have chatted about Facebook posts before executing on them,” said Buck. “Sometimes I let her know that I was scheduling a post about her and her boss, so she was able to ‘like’ and ‘comment on’ our posts right away. We also coordinate and brainstorm posts while we are on camping trips or grabbing drinks after work.”


Advertising SPECIALTY Institute

Unique Ways to Network at A Trade Show

Emmi Buck (above) wanted to make a splash at her first trade show for Essential Oxygen, an oral care product brand, so she wore a tooth fairy outfit. “I talked to triple the amount of people I normally would, had a ton of photos taken with me, and really spread our logo around,” she says. “Being approachable doesn’t mean you need to dress silly, but make sure not to be a wallflower. Put yourself into various groups and settings you normally might not.”


The Ladders

"13 essential tips for business travel (from the experts)"

Pre-order your flight or train WiFi

This saves you money, as opposed to ordering it while you’re actually on the plane or train, says Emmi Buck, communications and marketing director, and consultant based in Idaho and in Washington. “Bundling Internet for the year or month saves you money as well,” she says.

Be prepared for a bad WiFi connection

This means either having documents you can work on while offline pre-downloaded from the cloud, or hard copies of materials for your job. “As a last resort, I like to have work or skill-related podcasts or books on tape saved to my phone to listen to,” Buck says.

Get a work-dedicated smartphone

And get very comfortable with editing documents on your phone. “For example, I’ve edited 30-page spreadsheets and meeting agenda documents on the fly in Mexico City 20 minutes before a monthly meeting, thanks to learning my way around Google Docs on my phone,” Buck says. “The whole team was able to access them via a quick link, and provide their edits in real-time from their various cities around the world.”